In order to provide a safe and fun environment for all we ask that participants respect the following guidelines:  

●        Padre Blvd. lanes will be closed from Acapulco to Mars         

o   4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Partial Lane Closure (right lane on each side of Padre Blvd.)        

o   6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Total Lane Closure (all lanes of Padre Blvd.)

●         Parade route will be  Southbound east side of the medians only. 

●         Bus parking for parade participants is located on W. Red Snapper Street which will be closed to vehicle traffic, allowing participants to safely enter and exit buses.   

●        We recommend that parents park near Acapulco at the end of the parade so that they can meet their children.   

●        Remember your lineup number and make sure your entire group goes directly to that parade position.  A parade volunteer will check you in at that point, give you the entry number and remind your group of the rules.  Registration begins at 4:45 pm ending at 5:45 pm.  

●        The parade will start promptly at 6:00 pm and is approximately one mile in length.  

●        If your entry is not in formation (staged in parade line-up) at the start time of the parade, at the discretion of the parade officials, your entry may be placed at the end of the parade or denied. 

●        DO NOT THROW objects from floats or cars. Participants may walk alongside their float to hand out candy or gifts.   Safety is an issue and children may be injured while running out to receive treats. We ask that individuals stay on their floats during the entire parade route.   

●        No type of fire device may be used on the float itself.   

●        Entrants must provide their own music and sound system (e.g. boom box, Bluetooth speaker from a phone, or similar sound system).  A CD is no longer accepted.

●        No mats or other props may be set up on the street for the performances. 

●        Entry numbers should be visible to judges on the east side of Padre Blvd. and returned to a parade official at the conclusion of the parade. 

●        Those walking in the parade need to be prepared to speed up at the parade officials’ request.  When there is a pause in the parade, entrants can perform for the audience anywhere along the parade route as long as it doesn’t create a gap in the parade.  This is important and needs to be adhered to out of respect for the other participants.  

●        Judging – Padre Island Brewing Co., 3400 Padre Boulevard. Presentations at Judge's stand are not to exceed (90) seconds.  A stopwatch will be used and this makes it fair for all entries.  

●        Prize winners will be mailed checks and announced on Social Media.  

●        The parade has an official Santa Claus. No other Santa Claus will be permitted, however, inanimate caricatures, Mrs. Clause or helpers are allowed. 

●        All entries with animals will be responsible for the removal of excrement from the formation area and parade route.